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Back to School: Socially distanced activities

*FREE support for TEACHERS & SCHOOL STAFF for school return **

I am a primary school teacher still and will be returning to school with a mixed age group 'bubble' of children. I created this resource to show how my book can be used as a topic focus and includes activity ideas to use across all ages.

As well as linking to Science knowledge, my book can be used for Arts, Physical Education, Literacy and Outdoor learning. I have included a range of activities for each different age groups (EYFS, KS1, KS2)


These activities are creative and active, ideal for younger children who want to explore the world around them. After listening to the story, the children could practise moving like animals (a perfect PE activity) which can be done with social distancing in place.


KS1 children could do more literacy based activities where they can write about their favourite habitat or draw their favourite animal. There is the opportunity for outdoor learning and for children to see what animals & plants they can find in the school grounds.


KS2 children can read the book independently and then complete a range of fun activities including; using a globe or atlas to find locations of different habitats, create a game about habitats - similar to the sorting game which is showed here in my video tutorial :

All of the activities can be completed by children (with social distancing) because the children can do the tasks at their table or outside in a open space. It is a difficult time for teachers and children. I hope that these ideas can support everyone to make the return to school slightly easier. This can be used a whole topic of work/activities and is flexible so it can work for any group of children (different ages, needs and interests).

Every purchase of the book comes with 25 FREE activity ideas and 4 FREE lesson plans with direct links to the National Curriculum and Science topic ‘Animals & Habitats’. BUY NOW & use with children to support them with exploring habitats of the world after months of lockdown! Contact me for more information :D

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